I wish I knew how to quit you………….

“I wish I knew how to quit you”

cih, lagi2 menye
quote itu dari tokoh Jack Twist (Jake Gyllenhaal) di film “Brokeback Mountain” (2005)
did a review of that movie few years back
despite the gay issue, i CRIED watching it
yup, di nonton di 21 bareng temen dan kami nangis bersama *how embarrassing!*

tiba2 teringat kalimat itu
dan kaget sendiri kalimat itu masih bisa bikin gw tiba2 tercekat

LOVE emang dahsyat. kayak air. bisa pelan menghanyutkan, bisa deras menghancurkan
menghancurkan diri sendiri, menghancurkan orang lain di sekitar
dan quote dr Jack itu singkat, padat, dan jelas: he loved Ennis too much, it’s screwing him inside out
the desperation. the longing. the devastation
gak kebayang ada org sampe jatuh cinta segitu parahnya

ah…… back to work, Nanat!!!!


The Duck of Mr. Fredward

Rating: ★★★★★
Category: Books
Genre: Comics & Graphic Novels
Author: Keiko Ushijima

posted in comicsbookrecfeltions@yahoogroups.com

this comic made me think about many things……
no matter how odd, conflicts of each characters were concluded with one simple word, “LOVE”
and none like others, LOVE in this comic is not always about LOVE to opposite genders
plus, conflicts from each characters were also fascinating to observe

Kevin -> intended to die slowly and alone by locking himself in his brand new mansion at the suburb following the death of a boy caused by thriller novels he wrote. during childhood, he lived in the streets (luv ya, kev! ^^)

Esmeralda -> ex-super model trying to escape reality for having a child from a man she loved who had leukemia. extra spoiled, bossy, and used to achieved whatever she wanted (that’s why she was so broken knowing Richard was sick)

Gloria -> a workaholic and independent pediatric who find it hard to trust others, especially men. her love story with Kevin was quite romantic, though a typically romance for working people ^_^;

Nick -> a 9-year old boy with AIDS, carrier from his junky parents. Kevin owed his life to Nick’s father, therefore he intended to adopt Nick as his own

Cheryl -> a teenage who threw her dream as a ballerina to desperately win Kevin’s heart. instead of Kevin, Nick had a crush on her ^^;

Rosemary -> a magical duck who can talk and do house chores with specialty in cooking. the only one dare to scold Kevin. gentle, motherly, and somehow always able to handle all 5 ‘kids’ in Kevin’s house

Cliff -> Kevin’s golden retriever. as a puppy, he nearly died because Kevin barely paid attention on him. became Nick’s best friend

despite all the superstitions mentioned in this comic, the whole story absolutely made my think a lot about life, love, death, beliefs, work, etc
because it turned out that people like Kev and his friends exist around me, a lot, including me….. =p

1. the moment Kevin finally met Esmerald for the first time after moving away from the big city. when two people alike ends up in a relationship, they would be tangled in neverending fights and arguments if none tried to stand back or understand each other
2. Cheryl ran away from home and forced herself into Kevin’s house; leaving her family, her old life, her dreams, and almost everything she had. i don’t think love would work that way. love is about being who you really are. rather that sacrificing your identity to please your partner, its better to really understand each other
3. relationship between Kevin and Gloria……. Kevin grew up in a family who cared less about him. so he ran away, join the street gang led by Nick’s father, then successfully became a thriller novel writer. while Gloria is a workaholic, independent, strict, and perfectionist pediatric who doesn’t easily trust others, especially men. at the time she found out Kevin had plans to adopt Nick, she freaked out, knowing one of the terms being an adoptive mother was giving up her career at the hospital. she exclaimed to Kevin that she couldn’t do such sacrifice,for it was her life-time dream. but rather that forcing Gloria to except what he want, Kevin assured her, “you don’t have to change for me”…….. (how sweet….. ^____^)

1. Nick facing AIDS at the age of 9 because of his junky parents. how sad, how ironic. i can’t imagine if i were in Nick’s position. so little time, so much to do, and so little energy
2. puppy cliff almost died because Kevin barely paid attention on him. at that moment, Kevin was still in a process of blaming himself due to a tragedy causing a boy’s death shot by his friend. somehow, i believe dogs are like kids. if you care less, they’re gonna end up as a troublemaker =p (reminds me of mapo, my house pet who lack attention and turns to be a troublemaker)

i still haven’t figure out the exact location of this comic, but i can imagine london…… ^___^
well, you know the british with tons of superstitions they had……
in this comic, there were lots of superstitions mentioned. such as sari the dancing gypsy spirit, death who actually aimed for Kevin but snatched Cliff instead, words pointed by a little girl to Kevin when he sneezed……
indonesia and other asian countries had lots of superstitions alike. though my beliefs doesn’t allow me to believe in such thing, i know some were made for good deeds. dakara, sonna koto o sinjirarene…… desukedo, tottemo omoshiroii kana……. ^____^