Watching The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King

Watching The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King at Meruya Residence Krakatau #7

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Hollywood Romance vs Asian Romance…………


dunno if i’ve talked about this here already
pokoknya gw abis nonton satu pilem Mandarin, yang sebenernya pilem romantis tapi pake silat2an: Sorcerer and the White Snake *dah lama gak nonton pilem silat, ternyata kangen juga*

gw nangis dengan sukses at the end of the movie
yep, you read me right

check this out
nonton Ever After, yg gw SUKA BHENER, gw gak nangis
nonton Romeo + Juliet juga lempeng ajah
Sweet November, Autumn in New York, A Walk to Remember…..
apalagi nonton Titanic: gw malah lebih terpesona sama prosesi tenggelamnya si kapal sampe temen gw yg fans berat ngamuk2 sama gw
name any kind of Hollywood romantic flick, terutama yang ber-sad ending!
*not that i intended to watch all those movies, but i tend to stumble upon those not-my-cup-of-tea movies*
dan gak pernah ada sejarahnya gw tangisin the tragic ending
well, once in a while, ada sih yg gw sukaaaaaaa banget, mostly romantic-comedy. contohnya Ever After itu: I LOVE IT!!!!
but basically, i’m not easily impressed by Hollywood romantic flicks

itu sebabnya gw masi heran, kenapa begitu nonton film romantis Asian (Mandarin, Jepang, Korean, India), meski film itu gak masuk kategori favorit gw, tetep aja bisa bikin gw at least ber-kaca2
contohnya, ya si White Snake itu tadi! gw sendiri sampe kaget: “Lha, kok malah mewek???”

because i’m Asian?
probably so, karena lebih deket budayanya, jadi lebih bisa ngena sama gw
gak mungkin juga gw bilang itu film2 Hollywod salah kan, wong temen2 gw buktinya pada ber-derai2 air mata getu *apalagi nonton Titanic, sementara gw ber-binar2*

apalagi kalo dah nonton film Asia ttg keluarga: Kabhie Kushie Kabhie Gham (India), Hello Ghost (Korea), Oyaji (Jepang)….
halah, sampe bengkak mata gw saking nangis gak brenti

how about you guys???
mana yg paling bisa bikin lu ‘pecah ber-keping2’?

me and sci-fi……………………………..

brainstorming with myself by watching several sci-fi movies: Judge Dredd, John Carter, Hunger Games, Stargate Atlantis, Defiance, Men in Black III, Iron Man 2 & 3, Star Trek Into Darkness, and more…
and, yep, after so much, almost nothing surprised me anymore

well, Defiance kinda’ gives me hope, with its intergalaxy nations and language, reminding me of the good old days with Star Trek and the Klingon language
oh, last year’s Prometheus with its green thingy technology jumping over pebble-smooth buttons and the giant bald people
but as i said, none of the concepts are new to impress me completely

until i was forced to watch the whole season of “Infinite Stratos” (Japanese anime) by my boss
different to Gundam, which is a gigantic mobile suit (CMIIW), the machines are only twice the size of its pilot, able to read the pilot’s mind, and capable of changing forms on its own. It also flies and perform detailed actions in battle
what intrigues me is how the IS actually function as tandem to its pilot; how the interface works on connecting the IS to its pilot, how the pilot breathes while airborne, how come the IS could only interface with females, what makes Ichika so special to enable him controlling an IS……

yeah, it REALLY piqued my inner geek -_-;;

The Three Faces of SHERLOCK HOLMES……………

yes, i’ve heard and read about him and his faithful partner, John Watson. since i was young
and yet all this time, i’ve read none of the original books. or watched any earlier version of the movies
until it was brought to the silver screen by Guy Ritchie with Robert Downey, Jr. a.k.a. RDJ as Holmes
then a friend introduced me to Sherlock by BBC
and another friend showed me Elementary by CBS

to make it simple, the conclusion is I’m SHER-LOCKED *sorry! can’t help it!* XDDD

and to think about it, it’s actually FUN to see all three Sherlocks!
completely different in ways, but all equally interesting in others!
in the end, i can’t choose which is my favorite, ‘coz i LOVE it ALL!!!

1. “SHERLOCK HOLMES” by Guy Ritchie

SH - Guy Ritchie 1

taking up the original background of time, this version’s main attraction to me was…………… RDJ! of course! oh, and Jude Law! RDJ as the bratty know-it-all Sherlock? you bet, i’m sold!
and he kicked asses! all those fighting scenes with the slo-mo thingy? LOVE it!
the bromance bantering with Jude Law’s John Watson? priceless! totally hilarious!
Rachel McAdams as Irene Adler, Kelly Reilly as Mary Morstan, and Stephen Fry as Mycroft Holmes? unsual ensemble, which worked brilliantly!
and last but not least…………. the bromance between Holmes & Watson? LOVELY!!! the quarrels, the arguments, the worry, the anger, the jealousy, the exasperation, the desperation……..
ah, those two beautiful boys……….. well, over all, i went overdrive each time i saw the movies, can’t stay objective anymore, so i think i’m gonna stop here…… LOL


SH - BBC 1

it took months for me to actually noticed this one after my friend force-copied it to my portable HD. after skimming through all 3 episodes, i deemed it watchable for future watching and set it aside, completely forgetting it. then, my usual TV series hit the hiatus period, leaving me kinda’ high & dry. i remembered about the 90-minute 3 episodes and immediately put up a marathon for all three in one shot
this version adopts the original cases and blend it into modern time. there’s Mrs. Hudson & Inspector Lestrade, even the apartment 221B Baker Street is there!
Benedict Cumbercatch as Sherlock Holmes and Martin Freeman as military retiree Dr. John Watson. opposite characters who clicked into each other so fast it was so fun to watch Sherlock being a jackass and John hitting him back with deadpan answers. the witty back and forth was highly amusing! so was their chemistry, such as the way the two finish each other’s line or when they broke into a fit of giggles while Sherlock was only covered by a flimsy sheet! LOL
the only small detail (small???) i didn’t approve of, was Lara Pulver as Irene Adler. yes, the bitchiness and the cunningness thing works on her, but…. i dunno, i just think that Rachel McAdam’s were waaaaay more impressive. i like her switching between being sweet, seductive, and afraid felt effortless. while Pulver’s is plain………. bitchy
now, if i remember Guy Ritchie’s mostly in forms of scenes, images, and feeling, i memorize BBC’s version in form of dialogues, mostly thanks to tumblr
“i do not have friends. i only have one.”
the bromance fanarts roaming over tumblr only fuel up all the cute feeling i have for them. aaaaaaaaaaww…….


SH - Elementary 1

one of CBS’ last years’ new series and have been going strong so far. i was skeptic in the beginning: modern version of Sherlock Holmes, located in New York, and an Asian female Watson?? really, people??? and then, i saw the 1st episode and it caught my attention. ‘coz surprisingly, it WORKED!
Sherlock Holmes (Jonny Lee Miller), a recovering drug addict, had been banished by his father from London to New York after a case went bad, which costed him Adler and his relationship with Lestrade. while Joan Watson (Lucy Liu) is an ex-surgeon, then hired as Holmes’ sober companion. in NY, Holmes continues his consulting-for-free services to NYPD, teaming him with Captain Toby Gregson (Aidan Quinn) and Detective Marcus Bell (Jon Michael Hill). long story short, from a live-in sober companion, Joan eventually moves up as Holmes’ partner and protégé
oh, this version of Sherlock Holmes is SO refreshing! Holmes was a drug addict, he has perfectly sculpted and tattooed body, treats sex as a necessity, a pretty much tech geek, but equivalently brash, irritating, and annoying to his other two counterparts. though he has more capability to show empathy. a little bit ^^;;
and i LOVE most of Joan Watson’s wardrobe:  Japanese-Korean-ish style but with less colors. her mini dresses or mini skirts or shorts combined with stockings and ankle boots….. oh, my favorite!
but what i find more likable are the character developments and the minute changes of Holmes & Watson’s relationship. how they adapt into each other’s personality and quirks (mostly by Watson), how Holmes supports Watson’s intention of being his true partner and him trusting her deductions. Holmes gave Watson’s family a different POV over her decision of becoming a sober companion and Joan lied to his father about her staying by his side
well, so far there’s no indication of sexual tension between the two and i hope it’ll stay that way…………..

tell me, people
which is your favorite???

blown away………..


i was just………………… blown away………..

i actually held my breath the whole 3 minutes
it exceeded EVERY expectations i’ve conjured up in my mind about the movie
no, about SUPERMAN himself

i ADORED the late Christopher Reeves as Superman and Clark Kent
other versions somehow didn’t sit right in my mind
until this one………

not to mention the people involved in it!
Russel Crowe (i don’t like him, but i CAN make an exception), Kevin Costner, Henry Cavill (darn him and his gorgeous blue eyes), Amy Adams (oh, the baby blue eyes from Night in the Museum 2!), Diane Lane, Lawrence Fishburne, and THE Christopher Nolan, and my favorite THE Hans Zimmer……………….

gawd, i may sound exaggerating, but i’m actually still trembling a bit typing this up!
was still contemplating whether to go to the movies with full anticipation for it
but now i’ve made up my mind


“Kirschblüten – Hanami” (2008)

Kirschblüten - Hanami

Rudi and Trudi Angermeier had been happily married. Rudi was a retired hard-ass provider of the family and now terminally ill, Trudi was a devoted mother who dedicated her life for her husband and three kids. the couple decided to surprise their children in Berlin with a visit. but it didn’t end too well. Klaus, the eldest son, and Karolin, their gay daughter, were too busy to entertain them.

before, Rudi had discovered his wife’s fascination over Mt. Fuji and Butoh, a Japanese dance. but as he felt the dance too radical, he’d forbidden Trudi to make anything of her interest.

disappointed by Klaus & Karolin’s indifference, Rudi and Trudi felt like they didn’t know their children anymore and so went to the sea. there Trudi suddenly died, leaving Rudi devastated. not to mention, a bit looney. he slept with Trudi’s clothes or beloved kimono stretched out by his side.

Rudi realized then that he had been holding back his wife’s happiness, putting her in a cage just like the wildcat in the zoo that she used to like. he packed his things, along with the tosca-colored cardigan Trudi had been wearing during her last days and her kimono, and went to Tokyo to live with his youngest, Karl.

left to fend himself in a completely new country which he had no idea about the language while Karl worked, Rudi spent his days walking around wearing his wife’s clothes under his coat, explaining to Karl later that he felt like he was memorizing and showing the scenery to his beloved Trudi.

until one day Rudi met Yu, an 18-year-old Japanese girl who was dancing Butoh in a park. although their English were equally bad, they formed a bond almost instantly due to sharing the same feeling of losing someone dear. Yu was an orphan who lived by herself in a rundown tent in a different part of Tokyo. and Karl despised her relationship with Rudi.

again Rudi packed his things and his wife’s, then took Yu to meet the famous Mt. Fuji. the two shared a room in an inn by a lake on the foot or Mt. Fuji. Yu told him that Mr. Fuji was shy and likes to hide behind the clouds and fog, so every day Rudi checked to see if Mt. Fuji had decided to grace him with his presence.

so engrossed to his wish of seeing Mt. Fuji, his condition deteriorated. until one early morning, he found the sky had cleared and he could see Mt. Fuji in its full glory. grabbing his dead wife’s kimono, Rudi went to the lakeside. wearing the kimono and makeup, he danced the Butoh. and suddenly Trudi was there, dancing along with him, taking him with her.

later after finding that Rudi had passed, Yu went through the old man’s belongings and came across an envelope with her name written on it. turned out, Rudi had brought along all of his priced possessions and money, and he left all of his money to Yu.

Karl had his father’s body cremated before bringing the ashes back to Germany to be buried along with his mother. there Klaus and Karolin expressed their disbelief of how Rudi died: in a hotel room with an 18-year-old girl. but then, Karolin’s partner declared that, perhaps that was what Rudi had wanted and at the end, he was happy.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Kirschblüten – Hanami” is a 2008 German film directed by Doris Dörrie.

i was researching for something at work when i found this………. gem of a movie. the title means Cherry Blossom. and it was a German movie. not my usual  thing to watch. but after reading the synopsis, i fell in love! downloaded it the moment i arrived home.

oh, the movie felt a bit dragging. but the depth of the dialogues and selections of background scenery kept me holding on.
and the story! astounding! an old man obsessed over a traditional Japanese dance through his dead wife and an 18-year-old practically stranger!

also it kinda’ hit a little bit too close to home *sigh*
how i understand how Rudi must’ve felt upon his wife’s departure. or how Trudi must’ve felt, being held back doing something she’d loved by something she had equally loved. the guilt felt by Klaus, Karolin, and Karl for not being able to take care of their parents properly until the day they’s died.

when i told my mother about this movie, she said, “i was worried about that, too. whether you guys are gonna set us aside for being too busy with your own stuffs to do. but, that’s life.”
gawd, i hope not, Mommy…………………………….

R.E.D. (2010)


R.E.D. was Retired: Extremely Dangerous.

Francis “Frank” Moses was a Marine retiree and ex-CIA. He lived in a quiet neighborhood in a two-storied house doing nothing. The only thing he looked forward was the day he received his pension check only to tear it up so he could call the officer of his pension company, Sarah Ross.

Until one day a small unit of fully-armed men swarmed his house. Frank effectively got rid of the intruders, who demolished his house, and went to get Sarah.

After gathering info, Frank realized that he and Sarah was targeted because of an ultra secret black op he did in Guatemala back in his days as a CIA operative. During his journey of finding the truth, Frank met his old buddies: Joe Matheson, a black perverted ex-spy living in a retirement home; Marvin Boggs, a paranoid weapon expert holed up beneath the swamps of Florida; Ivan Simanov, an ex-KGB agent; and Victoria, a lady was ex-MI6 sniper and assassin.

At the end of their digging, Sarah got captured by CIA’s newest rising star, William Cooper. Frank than realized what she meant to him, so he embarked on a mission completely new for him.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

geez, last night was the 3rd time I saw that movie. and i still love it!!!

watched it in the movies with a friend my age and we enjoyed it immensely. as so did the group of people sitting behind us. we laughed, we cheered, we even clapped hands! but then, there was this other group of people much younger than us, who at the end of the movie grumbled, “what the hell were those old guys doing? stupid movie…”
my friend and i looked at each other and laughed.
well, back to the movie itself………….

yeah, yeah, yeah, it was a ‘90s-styled action movie with no particular deep story or characterization, funny scenes, lots of bangs and booms, corny dialogues, some hand-to-hand combat moves, cheesy happy ending… oh, let’s not forget the almost useless chick who needed saving!
OH! and of course, there’s Bruce Willis!
and i love every minute of it! *LOL*

gotta admit, i almost had multiple orgasms every time i watched it!
what??? it’s Bruce Willis, shooting guns and hitting people, and at one point, he was wearing a GODDAM *pause* MILITARY *pause* UNIFORM! *hosh hosh hosh hosh hosh*
*breeeeeaath, Nanat, breeeeeeeeeeeaaaaattth*

and the long list of famous people involved in it?? seriously, dude, how could somebody NOT like this movie?
besides Bruce Willis, they got Karl Urban, John Malkovich, Morgan Freeman, Brian Cox, Hellen Mirren, Richard Dreyfuss, and THE late Ernest Borgnine!
okay………….. *calming down. again*

now, memorable scenes:

– frightened in the beginning, thinking that she was kidnapped by Frank, Sarah ended up getting excited every time they’re gonna see some action. “Awesome!” she said *LOL*

– Frank vs Cooper:
Frank: “Kordesky trained you?”
Cooper: “yeah.”
Frank: “well, i trained Kordesky.” (proceeded to dislocate Cooper’s shoulder)

– Frank talked about Sarah to Victoria:
Frank: “makes me think that i could actually… have a life. a real life.”
Victoria: “you’re all hard on the outside, but you are… you are gooey on the inside. gooey.”

– Victoria was out in the woods, scouting the area with a sniper rifle ready, and Sarah at her side
Sarah: “Frank said you wanted me with you.”
Victoria: “yes, i thought it might be nice to have a bit of girl time together. get to know each other. and i just wanted to tell you that, in all the years i’ve known Francis, i’ve never seen him like this. so, if you break his heart, i will kill you. and bury your body in the woods.”
Sarah: (smiling) “wow.” (losing the smile) “okay.”
Victoria: (going back to her rifle) “oh, this is gonna be fun.”

– Exiting the ballroom, Victoria blocked the door with her necklace, went down the escalator, beat a guard unconscious using her purse, met Marvin, changed her heels into combat boots brought by Marvin, and shot the VP’s car entourage using a DAMN big gun in her dress…….. *LOL*

– in CIA interrogation room
Sarah: (to Cooper with eyes glistening) “wow. you’re asking me for help? that is so lame. he’s gonna eat you for lunch.”

– all the dead guys were dead and Cooper watched as Frank’s gang gathered. Frank gave Sarah a kiss, then walked to Cooper.
Frank: “thanks.” (gesturing to the VP) “this gonna be a problem?”
Cooper: “nah, i got it… Grandpa.”

– in the car, Ivan behind the wheels.
Marvin: (smirking incredulously) “you gave a favor to him?”
Ivan: “just a tiny little nuclear problem in Moldova.”
Sarah: (perking up, then looked to Frank with anticipation) “can we go?”
Frank: (sighing exasperatedly and giving in) “yes, we can go.”

by the way, i kinda’ understand how they must’ve felt after seeing my dad. how sometimes they got antsy and restless by the inactivity…. *LOL*
and in the end, the small dedicated group consisted of trained killers from different organizations in the end wanted one simple thing. Love. yes, how cheesy……… *eyeroll*

by the way again, they’re releasing R.E.D. 2 this summer…………… *getting ready to faint*

Hermione Granger & Ginny Weasley………….

och, this is just another drabble over a talk i’ve just had with my dear baby bro during dinner a couple hours ago

he said, that according to the book, Hermione was supposed to be, although pretty, an awkward female geek with glasses and wild hair in plaits
and Ginny was supposed to be a modest but extremely pretty redhead
definitely different to the hottie Hermione and tough-as-nail Ginny we got in the movie

but the, this thought came to me
can any of you imagine what it would look like if a geeky looking girl was the one subjected to torture by Bellatrix Lestrange? faced down Draco Malfoy & Fenrir Greyback? accompany Harry in a dangerous journey to retrieve horcruxes? become the wife of doofus-faced Ron Weasly?
dunno if she could get the strong, tough witch impression such the one portrayed by Emma Watson
a Wilma or Willow looking girl as Hermione? NAAAAAAAAAHHHH

or can you imagine a beauty-pageant-worth-cheerleader type to lead the rebel Dumbledore’s Army (DA) alongside Neville Longbottom? engage duel with Bellatrix Lestrange? switch one boyfriend to another without being slutty? become the wife of the One-Who-Survived, the trouble magnet Harry Potter?
again, dunno if that image could be the blazing tough-nut like we had with Bonnie Wright
Daphne or Black Widow type for Ginny? too bitchy, don’t ya think???